Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum

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angular momentumLaw of conservation of angular momentum states the angular moment of a system of particles around a fixed point is conserved if there is no net external torque around that point.

Law of conservation of angular momentum FORMULA

\(\large{ \Rightarrow\; \Delta L =  0 }\)    

\(\large{ \Rightarrow\; \Delta L_i =  L_f }\)

\(\large{ L =  I \; \omega }\)


\(\large{ L  }\) = angular momentum (rotational momentum)

\(\large{ \omega }\)  (Greek symbol omega) = angular velocity

\(\large{ L_f  }\) = final angular momentum

\(\large{ L_i  }\) = initial angular momentum

\(\large{ I  }\) = moment of inertia


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