Galileo Number

Written by Jerry Ratzlaff on . Posted in Dimensionless Numbers

Galileo number, abbreviated as Ga, is a dimensionless number used in fluid dynamics to describe fluid film flow over walls.  It is a ratio of forces present in the flow of viscous fluids.  The Galileo Number is used in the momentum of heat transfer, viscous flow, thermal expansion. In order to calculate it, use the equations or the calculator below.


\(\large{ Ga = \frac{ g \;  l^3 \;  \mu^2 } { \rho^2 } }\)


\(\large{ Ga }\) = Galileo number

\(\large{ l_c }\) = characteristic length

\(\large{ \rho }\)  (Greek symbol rho) = density

\(\large{ g }\) = gravitational acceleration

\(\large{ \mu }\)  (Greek symbol mu) = viscosity

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