Bulk Modulus

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Bulk modulus, abbreviated as B or K, also known as bulk modulus elasticity, is the elastic relationship between an applied pressure that acts to change the volume of the substance and the ability of a substance to withstand changes in volume when under compression.

Bulk Modulus Formula

\(\large{ K =    p\;  \frac {V_i}{ V_c}     }\)


\(\large{ K }\) = bulk modulus

\(\large{ V_c }\) = change in volume

\(\large{ V_i }\) = initial volume

\(\large{ p  }\) = pressure

Solve for:

\(\large{ V_c =   \frac {p \; V_i}{ K}     }\)

\(\large{ V_i =  K\;  \frac {V_c}{ p}     }\)

\(\large{ p =    K\;  \frac {V_c}{ V_i}     }\)


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